December 4-6 , 2020

Walt Disney World

Swan and Dolphin Resort

Lake Buena Vista, Florida 

clothing requirements

Each Girl and Boy must bring

-  blue Jeans (any style but must be blue)

-  solid white tank top or tshirt

- white gym shoe , converse or ked

+ one outfit of choice for awards show 


Face and overall Appearance
Straight walk up to Judges and back 

no model routines


Friday |  december  4

See Front Desk for Registration Room

10am - 12 noon  | Contestant Check In  (required)                                

Pick up contestant numbers

purchase tickets

Parents unable to make check  in are permitted 

to have another parent attend registration 

6-8 PM

contestant welcome party

on the beach 

hosted by Walt Disney World

Swan and Dolphin Resort

for contestants staying at host hotel

​​Saturday | december 5

Dressing Rooms Open for Access at 5am

1 parent per contestant allowed 

safety of contestant is parent responsibility 



Contestants must be in lineup 

Estimated end time 10am

You may depart after Model Search 

until return for evening red carpet and awards



Red Carpet and Awards 

All contestants walk Red Carpet 

all Fashion is permitted for Red Carpet 

contestants are required to attend award show


Professional hair and makeup is not required 

please keep age appropriate  


cameras permitted from a seated position.

pit area is reserved for stand up photography


General Admission Tickets are $25

Every person except contestant must have ticket 

No exceptions


is a partner event also taking place

at our Host Hotel december 4-6

Events and Event Times do not conflict 

for anyone registered for both events 

Top Supermodel is at 830 am and Fashion Parade is in afternoon 



We strongly encourage staying at host hotel

all events, photoshoots and welcome party

will beheld  on the resort party 

winners limos to  disney also depart from host resort

There's No Place Like Disney For the Holidays

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Top Supermodel Season 9 

Paola Cancel